A Remarkable Solution for Kids Who
Struggle at School

We are approaching the end of the school year. For some of you, this time comes with a less-than-pleasant call from the principal who is wondering whether your child can handle being promoted to the next grade level. Or maybe you have these doubts yourself.

Problem is that you don’t love your options. You would like to help your child using natural methods, but most supplements or other techniques can take a long time to work (if at all). There has got to be a better way!

Now there is. Parents are excited to discover the fast-acting solution that is remarkably effective. The Focus Made Easy blend from Solomon & Samson is a unique nutritional formula that your child can enjoy in a refreshing smoothie or cool glass of juice. Does it work? Just ask the many parents who have been delighted to report real improvements in the first week or two of use. Parents are extremely grateful for this long-awaited relief, and some have even been brought to tears (the good kind).

“I have been a frustrated, emotional, aggravated, defeated mother and I can tell you with all honesty, this is an answer to our prayers!” shared one mother of a 6-year-old boy. “My child is still himself, he is active and quick witted and funny and smart. But he is also more able to manage impulsive behaviors, his self-control is unbelievable, his anger with himself and towards others has all but disappeared, he goes to bed when he’s told and stays in bed/asleep. It’s not so much about visible everyday changes, as it is looking back at a situation and thinking ‘a week ago he would have completely blown up’.”

Another mother told of her experience, “We used to receive reports about behavior difficulties weekly from the teacher, and now haven’t received one in three months.” She also said that, thanks to this blend, her child is now “breezing through homework that used to be very challenging.”

Can your child be next? Let’s find out. Now is the ideal opportunity to get your child up to speed before the coming year. Order your jar of Focus Made Easy at or and start enjoying these amazing benefits ASAP!