Who’s the team behind SOLOMON & SAMSON products?

A group of educators, nutritionists and cognitive health experts joined forces in 2011 to start SOLOMON & SAMSON with the goal of creating solutions to power learning and success. The FOCUS MADE EASY product line went through years of development, refinement and testing, and the result couldn't make our team prouder. We’re thrilled our first generation of nutritional blends is actively improving people’s lives at home, school and work.

How long until I see results when using this product?

Many users begin noticing improvements in as little as a week. Please note that caffeine or sugary products may interfere with the desired outcome.

Are there any side effects?

This product is not a drug. It is a blend of vitamins and minerals that help nourish the brain, just like food. The product does contain Magnesium, however, which helps get the stomach moving. This may cause some discomfort, and we therefore recommend starting with a smaller dosage to help the stomach adjust.

When is the best time to use this product, and how often?

It is best to use the product as early in the day as possible, and even better with food. Only one dose is needed per day (but feel free to split it up).

How many servings do I need per day?

Because children and adults come in many different sizes, "one size fits all" isn’t necessarily good for all. A major advantage of this product is that it is customized to your body-weight, so it delivers the maximum impact. See the label for recommended weight per serving, and multiply or divide the servings accordingly.

What's the best way to mix the powder?

The powder dissolves best when mixed first with a bit of hot water. It can then be mixed with your beverage of choice (orange juice, apple juice, and yogurt are popular choices).

Is FOCUS MADE EASY the same as the I NEED TO FOCUS product line?

Yes, only better. Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, we have made some important adjustments. For example, our new formula is more concentrated and much better tasting. We hope you will  indeed enjoy these great benefits, along with your favorite juice or beverage. Cheers!